Lensbaby Announces the Double Glass II Optic for Composer Pro II

Lensbaby introduced its new Double Glass II optic at the CP+ 2023 convention in Tokyo. The Double Glass II Optic is a follow-up to one of Lensbaby’s most popular optics. It has a 50mm focal length, a 12-blade diaphragm, and an aperture range of f/2.5 to f/22. It can provide a focus “sweet spot” surrounded by an impressionistic blend of blur and bokeh. The sweet spot is controlled by the aperture adjustment on the front of the optic, which increases larger as it is stopped down.

The Double Glass II optic outperforms its predecessor with an all-metal structure and a 12-bladed manually adjustable internal aperture diaphragm. The original Double Glass optic was released in 2008. The Double Glass II has a drop-in magnetic aperture mechanism and nine drop-in aperture disks. The special disks feature a five-pointed star, a heart, and seven designs created by Lensbaby visual artists. These aperture disks alter the appearance of out-of-focus areas.

The optic is compatible with all Lensbaby Optic Swap lens bodies and macro accessories, both current and legacy.

When mounted on a Composer body, the manual focus lens may focus as near as 15 inches away (380 millimeters). The crop factor of the connected camera determines the effective maximum magnification ratio of this focus distance. All Optic Swap macro accessories, including Lensbaby’s 46mm Macro Filter Kit and Macro Converters, are compatible with the Double Glass II, further boosting the new optic’s close-up capabilities.

The Double Glass II works with full-frame, APS-C, and Micro Four Thirds cameras, DSLR, and mirrorless models. Canon EF and RF, Fujifilm X, L Mount, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon F and Z, Pentax K, and Sony A and E mounts are all supported by the Optic Swap system.

The Lensbaby Double Glass II is available now. The optic by itself is $199.95. A kit including the Double Glass II and Lensbaby Composer Pro II is available for $369.95.

More info on Lensbaby’s website.

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