Lomography Announces the Lomomatic 110 Film Camera

Lomography has launched the Lomomatic 110, a new pocketable analog camera that uses 110 film. The rectangular camera has a removable flash, and the complete equipment is small enough to fit into a pocket.

Lomography promises to be the “most trusted 110 camera for seasoned photographers and a nostalgic voyage for those yearning for the grand old days of 110 pocket film.”

It features a 23mm Minitar CX multi-coated glass lens, automated exposure, two aperture options, and adjustable ISO settings. The Lomomatic 110 features a zone-focusing system that can be adjusted to 0.8 meters, 1.5 meters, 3 meters, and infinity. It has two exposure modes: multiple and long. The flash comes with colored filters and a metal wristband for portability. The flash bundle includes a tin container that holds 110 negatives.

The camera’s film is wound forward by a sliding mechanism before being replaced with a cartridge. For example, if a photographer has a black-and-white cartridge but comes across a scene that demands color, they can easily swap between the two.

“With an innovative sliding mechanism, this portable pleasure can squeeze into any space for crazy Lomographic perspectives, capturing a slice of life on 110 film,” Lomography states in a press release.

Here are some sample pictures:

“Designed for everyday photography, it’s simple for anyone to use! For those unfamiliar with the 110 format, we’ve prepared a dedicated page with tips and tricks for mastering creative approaches, as well as a list of places to have 110 film developed.”

“The multi-coated glass lens, built-in flash, and multi-exposure capability are the main characteristics to consider from a modern standpoint. Another advantage is that you get a brand-new camera straight from the factory and don’t have to look for a vintage one in good shape,” states Analog Insights in Lomography’s press release.

The Golden Gate edition sells for $119 and can be found here. The traditional edition costs $159 and can be obtained here.

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