Lomography Sprocket Rocket Pano Film Camera Now Available in Two New Colors

Lomography’s Sprocket Rocket analog panorama camera has been available since 2011 and is still a popular choice among 35mm photographers. The unorthodox camera is now available in two new hues, blue and red, providing shooters some fashionable new alternatives.

The new $79 cameras, officially named “Bittersweet” and “Baja Blue,” join Lomography’s original black camera in its inventory. They join a long list of “Experimental” analog cameras, including the LomoApparat 21mm wide-angle camera, the Fisheye No. 2 35mm camera, and the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator, among others.

“The iconic Sprocket Rocket first blasted off in 2011 as the world’s first panoramic wide-angle 35mm camera dedicated to sprockets… this unconventional camera has inspired analog astronauts to shoot for the stars,” says Lomography. “Now, with its boundless charm and unwavering ability to spark the imagination, it’s time to aim for the moon once more. We’re launching two new colorful editions that will take photographers beginner and advanced to the next frontier. The Sprocket Rocket Bittersweet and Baja Blue are ready for take-off!”

The Sprocket Rocket, in new and old hues, captures 1:3 aspect ratio panoramic photos on standard 35mm film. On a single roll of film, the camera can capture 18 panoramas.

If sprocket holes aren’t your thing, the camera comes with an optional sprocket cover frame that masks the film’s perforations and creates a smoother profile while capturing panoramic shots.

The “sprockets” that give the camera its name are film perforations, also known as perfs or sprocket holes. The Sprocket Rocket fully embraces these holes and incorporates them into the final 1:3 panoramic image.

The camera has a built-in 30mm f/10.8 lens that can be stopped down to f/16. The camera has a bulb exposure mode and a 1/100s shutter speed (but no cable release). It has a hot shoe and a tripod mount and does not require any batteries.

The film gear is manual and may be set to reverse for several exposures.

“The Sprocket Rocket’s special scrolling knobs allow memories to be merged and melded at will for exciting photographic compositions,” explains Lomography in a press release.

The Sprocket Rocket is now available in Bittersweet and Baja Blue for $79. The original black variant is also in stock and is presently priced at $67.15. The Sprocket Rocket is compatible with all 35mm film formats, including Lomography’s broad 35mm film selection.

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