London Street Photography Festival 2019: Exhibitions

London Street Photography Festival is a non-profit international event based in London showcasing Street Photography. The goal of the Festival is to build a community and to establish and develop a platform for networking, learning, and development through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competition, and associated events. We aim to be closely connected to the community and young people and provide them with world-class resources and experience in one of the most dynamic and popular genres of photography.
The 3rd London Street Photography Festival will be taking place on the 23-25th of August 2019.

The Festival will feature an extensive program of talks, lectures, and exhibitions.
Here it is the 2019 LSPF exhibitions:


“Ukrainian Street Photography” is a community of photographers and art lovers exploring contemporary Ukraine, with the group initially being born on Facebook in May 2017.


Since then, the initiative grew into something bigger, gathering people from all over the world with an interest in Ukrainian photography.
The group can be safely called a visual archive of modern Ukraine. Photographers from different parts of Ukraine capture the environment they live in. These environments, with the local specificity and general recognition of the Ukrainian context, became the basis for the exposition “Signs of Life”. It is difficult to shoot street photography in Eastern Europe, because people do not spend a lot of time on the street, compared to some other countries, but only move from point A to point B. The name of the project is a direct response to this thesis and demonstrates that there are still signs of life on Ukrainian streets. Additionally, this title is the statement that Ukrainian street photography exists and thrives. And the exhibition is a factual confirmation of this.

You can find out more about the group here:
Ukrainian Street Photography 


“I was born and grew up in a small town in central Italy. After I graduated, I moved to London for a while, then to Rome, where I currently live and work.

Elisa Tomaselli
Elisa Tomaselli
Elisa Tomaselli

I had always been deeply fascinated by visual languages, especially by photographic medium, when in 2009 I enrolled in a few training courses to learn its basic techniques. Afterward, I left photography for a few years, getting back to it in 2016, while joining a collective project, which gave me an opportunity to deeply understand the expressive potential of photography.
Since then, my works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad, published in magazines such as “Grain Magazine” and “Eye Magazine”, awarded by Sony Photography, Life Framer, IPA, London Street Photography Festival and Umbria World Festival.”

You can find out more about Elisa’s work here:
Instagram: elisa__tomaselli


“It was during my Fine Arts degree course at Camberwell College of Art that I became enchanted by the processes of making photographs, which in the early 90s was all analogue.

Krystina Stimakovits
Krystina Stimakovits
Krystina Stimakovits

I subsequently worked in independent film and urban regeneration but returned to photography in 2007 and it has been my main preoccupation since. Over the past decade, my photographs have been selected for several exhibitions in various galleries and locations mostly London. I have been awarded two solo exhibitions in Budapest as well as a trip to China and a week’s residency in the ancient city of Yangzhou. A series of my work has featured in various international photographic magazines, both in print and on-line. I have also self-published several books, both on my own and in collaboration with another photographer, poet or artist. Currently, I am curating “Factual Enigma”, a show of 20 London photographers, to be held end of April at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch.”

You can find out more about Krystina’s works here:


Tahia was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1996. Throughout her life, she has been fascinated by images and by how they can change perceptions.

Tahia Farhin Haque
Tahia Farhin Haque
Tahia Farhin Haque

At the age of 19, her photos were selected for various inter-university exhibitions in Dhaka, and in 2018 Tahia was also exhibited at the iconic Aperture Foundation in New York.
She hopes to give voice to the issues that are unheard and unseen in the world, she would also like to make people question their perceptions and the paradigms. She says “I live in two worlds; one is in my head and the other is the reality and through photography, I converge it. My main interest is the women in my life, I want to show their stories, and how unique the role of a woman is in this patriarchal society.” She works with the concept of beauty and ugly, “I often wonder about beauty and ugliness, who was the first man/woman to point out that this is horror and that is perfection. In books, television, advertisements we are forced fed what is acceptable and what is not. I want to help for equality for all and show that through my work,” says Tahia.
She got her first international break by winning the “Special Reportage Prize” in “The New Vanguard Photography Prize” by Document Journal which in October 2018 her work was exhibited in Aperture Foundation in New York, the jury consisted of curators, editors from Document Journal, MOMA, Brooklyn Museum, and Aperture Foundation. Her latest project has been in collaboration with New York times and UN women called “This is 18” photographing an 18-year-old Bangladeshi girl a project from The New York Times (@nytgender), she represented Bangladesh and got published at New York Times in 2018. She has been featured by the official Instagram account where they showed a small portion of her work were 700000 people witnessed it all over the world. She is currently studying Biochemistry at North South University and has been awarded a scholarship at the renowned photography school “Counter Foto” where she is studying in parallel with her studies.

You can follow Tahia on Instagram at


Born in China to a photographer father, Lu Wenpeng moved to France in 2004 and then worked as a motion designer in a Parisian communication agency.

Lu Wenpeng
Lu Wenpeng
Lu Wenpeng

He started traveling abroad and bought his first camera in New York in 2008, where he felt deeply attracted by the mix of anthropology, architecture, and humanism. He never stopped taking pictures ever since.
Lu Wenpeng uses now a Leica Q camera and focuses on street photography. He is the author of “Street Colors and Shadows”, published in China in 2017, and has won awards in Asia, Europe, and the United States. His work is based on the bold graphical lines and strong colors encountered in urban environments around the world, but its central element remains the people he portrays, his “unsung heroes” as he calls them.

You can find out more about his work here:
Instagram: luwenpeng


Camilla Ferrari (born 1992) is an Italian visual storyteller based in Milan, Italy. Her interest lies in the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, exploring this connection with a gentle gaze.

Camilla Ferrari
Camilla Ferrari
Camilla Ferrari

Part of her research is concerned with how social media have the power to enrich visual storytelling through the mix between short vertical videos and photographs, still and moving images.
Perpetuating the sense of gentleness that arises from her photographs, she expresses her observations also through her Instagram stories, which are an active part of her practice.
Camilla was recently nominated by Artsy as one of the 20 Rising Female Photojournalists, she has been nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass 2019 and selected as one of 2019 PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, for the Nikon-NOOR Academy Masterclass in Turin, Italy, and for the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI.
She has been working for clients that range from editorial to commercial, including Apple, National Geographic, Elle Decor Italia, The Culture Trip, DxO, Gli Occhi della Guerra magazine.

You can find out more about Camilla’s work here:
Instagram: camillaferrariphoto

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