Martin Parr: World Tour

JANET BORDEN, INC. is pleased to announce MARTIN PARR: WORLD TOUR, an exhibition of signature photographs by celebrated photographer Martin Parr.

Parr has compiled images from various locales throughout the world, from Paris to Moscow, from Marrakesh to Dubai. Gatherings at horse races, art fairs, concerts, and ski slopes, provide Parr with extraordinary opportunities for his observations.

Parr is a formally sophisticated, humorous, and astute documentary photographer. Parr’s essential themes, including a cacophony of colors and a keen appreciation of the absurd, are on view in these photographs. The daylight flash, the dressing up and partying, the coincidental matching of patterns and colors in unlikely places, all commingle in this body of colorful and witty work. Pisa, Italy, is a quintessential Parr. By photographing not particularly the leaning tower, but the tourists all in the same pose of holding it up, he engages the idea of both tourism and photography.
The punk hair combined with the red telephone booth is another example of Parr’s extraordinary ability to combine two simple clichés into a complex shorthand for British life in the 1990s.

In a world limited by a pandemic and economic concerns, these photographs are all the more revealing and poignant.

About the Author

Martin Parr was born in Epson, Surrey, England, in 1952. He currently lives in Bristol, where he is relocating his studio from London.

A portrait of Martin Parr

Parr’s early work includes The Last Resort, an astounding view of the then-decaying beach town of Brighton. Lurid cheerful color was in stark contrast to the blowing trash and decrepit beaches. Subsequent projects included “The Cost of Living,” “Small World,” “Luxury,” “Common Sense.” He has produced over ninety photobooks throughout his career. His work is included in almost all public collections throughout the world. In 2014, Parr became president of the Magnum Photo cooperative, of which he became a member in 1988.

Parr has received numerous awards, including the Royal Photographic Society Centenary Medal; honorary Doctor of Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University; Lucie Award. In 2016 he was awarded an Arts Medal from the Queen of England.

Martin Parr: World Tour
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