Meet the Loupedeck CT – Premium Next Generation Editing Console for Video and Photo Pros

Loupedeck is known for its control surfaces that speed up Lightroom and Premiere Pro editing with buttons, dials and a jog dial for more intuitive controls. The company’s newest product, the Loupedeck Creative Tool – or Loupedeck CT for short – is a next-generation video and photo editing console designed to deliver a premium editing experience in virtually any situation.

With Loupdeck CT photographers will be able to create and switch between custom workspaces, select and customize tools and assets, switch between working with photos and videos, or jump between different software titles, all from one interface.

Build-wise, Loupedeck ditched the plastic body and buttons of the last models. It’s now built with an “aluminum cover and dials, LED backlight, touchscreens, machine-quality ball bearings and more,” the company wrote. In addition, the tactile dials now include “haptic feel” for better precision.

It also features a detachable cable and comes in an overall more compact design than prior models, making it easier to transport. The original Loupedeck was a keyboard sized input device that turned all of the digital sliders in Adobe Lightroom into physical buttons and knobs that were easier to find and faster and more accurate to use than a mouse.
The Loupedeck CT is a continuation of that idea, but instead of being the size of a keyboard, it’s now a smaller device with customizable touchscreens. And now, with the help of these touch screens, the CT allows the unit to control almost any application, not just Lightroom.

The device automatically recognizes the software that you are working with, thus providing interrupted editing workflow when moving between applications.

You can also create a completely custom layout and function configuration based on your personal needs and preferences using the Loupedeck CT app.
“With color-coordinated customizable buttons, dials and touchscreens, you can create as many workspaces as you need,” Loupedeck says. “You can break them down by editing stage, project type, or however you like.”

The Loupedeck CT is not for everyone.
“Made to work with your mouse and keyboard – Loupedeck CT takes your workstation to a whole new level,” Loupedeck says. “Create and switch between as many customized workspaces as you need – all from one sleek user interface. And go from pen to brush, photo to video, or jump between software – all with a quick tap or turn of the finger.” The CT is for professionals that find themselves doing the same tasks for hours at a time. Saving a second here and there hundreds or thousands of times a day will save you hours in the long run. The CT will work right out of the box, but the type of person who is probably going to buy it will be excited to customize every detail of it.

Initially supported software straight out of the box include Photoshop, Camera Raw, Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X, but more app support is incoming for other industries — software companies can get their apps to play nicely with Loupedeck CT by integrating via Loupedeck’s open SDK.
Other software companies include music production software Ableton Live; later on this year, there will also be support for Autodesk Fusion 360.

It’s now available to purchase for $549 exclusively at Loupedeck’s online store.

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