Megadap Announces the Gen-2 Sony E to Nikon Z AF Adapter

Megadap has announced a new version of its Megadap Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter, the ETZ21. Thanks to new chips and software protocols, the second-generation adapter promises to deliver improved autofocus speed and accuracy.

Megadap has developed an all-new software, and the mechanical team has delivered improved hardware in the ETZ21 adapter. The software protocols have been rewritten from scratch using protocols from Sony and Nikon. The company says that it updated seven major areas in the new adapter and says that, in theory, it should be able to match all of the functions offered by Nikon’s first-party FTZ adapter but with Sony lenses.

The new adapter promises to have improved focusing performance as well, and Megadap says it should be faster and more accurate and overall perform more like a native Nikon lens. Not only that, attached lenses should work with either in-camera or lens-based stabilization and all focus modes are now available including pinpoint focusing. That said, Megadap notes that optimal focusing performance is still found in the AF-C wide-area focus mode and that should be selected for high-speed continuous shooting. The adapter also now supports interval timer shooting, time-lapses, and focus shifting. Finally, the adapter now sends the correct lens EXIF data to the camera.

The Megadap Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter ETZ21 is available from the company’s website for $250 and comes with a two-year warranty.

More info on Megadap’s website.

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