Meike Announces an 8mm T2.9 Super-Wide-Angle Cine Prime for MFT Cameras

Hong Kong-based company MEIKE, known for very affordable cine lenses, has just announced its new Meike 8mm T2.9 cine prime lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras.
This new 8mm ultra-wide rectilinear lens expands the already available range of mini primes for the MFT mount to a total of 8 focal lengths:
ultra-wide-angle: 8mm T2.9
wide-angle: 12mm T2.2 / 16mm T2.2 / 25mm T2.2
standard: 35mm T2.2 / 50mm T2.2 / 65mm T2.2
telephoto: 85mm T2.2

One of the main struggles for MFT users is the significant sensor crop, which means that getting a decent wide-angle shot can be challenging. Additionally, this is one of the main reasons why for example, Blackmagic Pocket 4K users often resort to using Speed booster adapters for Canon lenses giving them a more Super35 field of view.

However, the new Meike 8mm T2.9 looks to solve this problem as it offers a 16mm full-frame FOV equivalent, which is pretty wide in any scenario.

Weirdly enough, the MEIKE 8mm does cover APS-C sensors but it is only available with an MFT mount for now.

The optical design consists of 17 Elements in 12 Groups and the lens has 10 aperture blades. The lens weighs in at 545g (19.22 oz) and it has a front filter diameter of 77mm. The minimum focusing distance is 25cm and the lens features a focus rotation of 270 degrees.

Moreover, Meike claims their new lens is very sharp with little to no color cast. The lens is also said to produce smooth, circular bokeh and exhibit virtually no focus breathing, with a nicely controlled flare.

The MEIKE 8mm T2.9 Cine Mini Prime will be available in November this year and will sell for $439.99.
More info on MEIKE’s website.

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