Michael Guez: Time is Now

Inspired by the allure of old Hollywood films, acclaimed photographer Michael Guez presents “Time is Now,” an evocative collection of photographs capturing his introspective and artistic odyssey along the mesmerizing west coast of the United States, spanning from California to Nevada.
In this profound and thought-provoking book, Time is Now serves as an impassioned call to embrace the fleeting moments of life’s ordinary beauty, encapsulating both its luminance and shadows, urging viewers to live in the present moment, embracing its myriad nuances.
Michael Guez, an artist renowned for his emotive and authentic style, shares, “This is my fifth book, a culmination of my transformative journey along the western shores of the United States. Following a tumultuous period, both in my personal life, marked by the loss of a loved one, and the global health crisis that held the world in suspense, I embarked on a new chapter.”
During an intentionally concise and intense road trip on the west coast, Guez captured the essence of his emotions and experiences in an instinctive and raw manner. Through this series of candid and vulnerable images, he seeks to connect with the audience on a universal level, expressing the shared human experience.
Guez’s exquisite and poignant storytelling comes to life through his forthcoming Beau-Livre, “TIME IS NOW,” published by Odysée, scheduled for release in September 2023. The book invites readers to contemplate authentic scenes and bear witness to his masterful play with light, eternalizing moments of raw emotion, sometimes in defiance of the ephemeral nature of existence.
“As you turn the pages of this book, you will delve into the depths of my journey and witness those poignant moments where certainties waver, and the fragility of life becomes evident,” Guez adds.
Ever committed to capturing the essence of the present in its purest form, Guez predominantly utilized film for a significant portion of the photographs, embracing the unpredictability and genuine nature of each shot.

About the Author

Time is Now is the fifth book by Michaël Guez. He published his first three books on New York, Israel and Tokyo after his travels. He then set out to conquer North America and Chicago in particular, offering a cinematic vision of the city in an atmosphere of winter light. Then, in 2018, he sets out for the Arctic Circle, offering us a restorative cure throughout this part of the world.

A portrait of Michael Guez

Hardcover: 112 pages
Publisher: ODYSSEE (June 7, 2023)
Language: French
Weight: 1.55 pounds
ISBN-10: 2909478637
ISBN-13: 978-2909478630

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