Mikko Kerttula: Transcendence

In his debut book Transcendence Mikko Kerttula observes the everyday events at a bus terminal of the small Swedish city of Sundsvall. By using reflections, bouncing harsh light, and stains in glass surfaces Kerttula creates abstract and mirage-like portraits. Whether rushing by the station or patiently waiting for their bus to arrive, the people are portrayed almost as apparitions, captured in the midst of transformation. The work subtly turns the mundane into something extraordinary, mysterious, and even unearthly.

“At the time, it had to be that exact place and space – no other. As one of key crossroads for the residents in the city of Sundsvall, its main bus station attracted me like a moth to a flame. I photographed and photographed and photographed. I searched for a tangible story, but kept falling into spontaneous shooting streaks and walked in small circles until my head was spinning. It all felt so random back then. While investigating the material later, I realized it was a personal experience beyond the normal. I became part of the scenery by photographing what I felt like.”
-Mikko Kerttula

About the Author

Mikko Kerttula (b.1984) is a Finnish visual artist, photojournalist, and educator who has a passion for experimental documentary projects.

A portrait of Mikko Kerttula

Kerttula holds an MA in photojournalism from the Mid Sweden University and a B.A.A in photography from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

Staple-bound book in a loose, screen printed board covers: 64 pages, 38 black and white photographs
Publisher: Kult Books (July, 2021)
Edition: 100 copies, signed and numbered
Size: 8.85 x 11.02 inches
ISBN-13: 978-9198405965

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