Moment Unveils the Long Weekend 35mm Reusable Film Camera

Moment first gained recognition as a manufacturer of smartphone lenses before branching out into purses, accessories, and even an app. It unveiled its first camera today, the Long Weekend 35mm Reusable Film Camera.

The 35mm Reusable Film Camera, released under its Long Weekend brand in collaboration with YouTubers Willem Verbeeck and Allison Simon (which previously released two different series of small bags), is a simple, lightweight, fixed-focus camera that the company claims is compatible with most 35mm film stocks. The Long Weekend camera, according to Moment, is suitable for someone’s first experience with film.

“You get a brand new camera that you know will work out of the box without the troubles of dealing with aging used cameras of unknown condition. This can be positioned both as a great camera for someone looking to shoot their first roll of film or as a camera for experienced photographers to bring to the beach, take to the lake or bring places you might not bring a professional camera you don’t want to break,” Moment says. “Visually it gives you the nostalgic and playful look of a disposable camera, without the wasteful process of disposing the camera each time you shoot a roll. Essentially a reloadable disposable that opens up the options of what film you want to shoot as well.”

The Long Weekend camera, made completely of ABS plastic and powered by a single AAA battery, is joined by the line’s first backpack, as well as a new camera cube, padded wraps, and zip bags. The Morro Convertible Backpack does not scream camera backpack, but rather appears like something a high school student may bring to class. It has several pockets, soft padded shoulder straps, inside padding to protect your belongings, and can fit a 16-inch laptop.

The interior of the bag is more spacious when combined with the Morro Camera Cube 8L, and the front zipper doors give quick and easy access. While the bag may not appear to be weatherproof, Moment claims it is due to the use of rugged fabrics and features water-resistant treatment as well as two layers of waterproof covering. It weights only 780 grams when empty.

The new Long Weekend blue Padded Camera Wraps are meant to provide just the right amount of padding to protect gear without adding excessive bulk. Finally, the new zip pouches are designed to hold a variety of accessories, including compact cameras, and are intended to assist arrange the contents of a bag.

The Moment Long Weekend 35mm Reusable Film Camera costs $49.99, the Morro Backpack is $149.99 (the cube is sold separately), the padded wraps are $24.99, and the Zip Pouches cost $14.99. All of the new Long Weekend items are now available for pre-order and will ship at the end of December.

More info on Moment’s website.

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