More Updates from SIGMA on Foveon Camera Details at CP+

Last month, Sigma’s CEO Kazuto Yamaki has published an update regarding the Foveon X3 1:1:1 sensor and camera that was delayed in February of last year after the sensor it was working with could not go into mass production due to a critical flaw.

Yamaki explains that the project had to be completely restarted after Sigma terminated its contract with the sensor manufacturer it had been collaborating with to mass-produce the sensor. As a result, the Foveon camera was delayed “indefinitely” a year ago. In an effort to let fans know the status of the project, Yamaki has provided a bit of an update to that situation.

Today Sigma had a Q&A session during the CP+ show and they answer several questions regarding L-mount and the development of their full-frame Foveon sensor:

Is it possible to release the L mount version of the SD Quattro H camera?

There is no plan at this time. I think we should do it with a newer sensor than we do with an old Foveon sensor. Quattro’s image processing engine is of an older generation, and building from scratch is the same as building a new model. FP’s image processing engine is for Bayer and cannot be used for Foveon.

About the development status of full-frame Foveon sensor camera:

Returning to a blank sheet, we are working from research and development. The development of the body has not started yet, so it is not in a situation where it can be released immediately. Future development will be led by the head office in Japan. The know-how of the A / D converter and power supply circuit to be incorporated into the sensor has not been accumulated in Foveon in the United States, and when looking at the total sensor performance, it was concluded that the method should be changed. Pixel is in the United States, and A / D converters are done with the latest technology, and the head office takes the initiative.

Long story short, for those waiting for a Sigma Foveon camera, that device is very likely still a long way away.

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