Nanlite Introduces PavoSlim LED Panel Lights

Nanlite’s new PavoSlim LED panel light family provides outstanding power in a cost-effective, very compact, and lightweight form. The new PavoSlim lights are available in four configurations: 72-watt 60B 11 Bi-Color LED panel, 72-watt 60C 11 RGBWW LED Panel with CRMX, 150-watt 120B 21 Bi-Color LED Panel, and 150-watt 120X 21 RGBWW LED Panel with CRMX. Each of the new panels is designed around a metal casing for increased heat dissipation and is extremely lightweight and thin. The control units are separate from the lights in order to reduce the size and weight of the light panels, which are only 1.86 centimeters thick and weigh just two pounds for the 11 models and just under four pounds for the 21 models.

The PavoSlim B series of lights have a color temperature range of 2,700 to 6,500K, while the C series RGBWW versions have a somewhat wider range of 2,700 to 7,600K and the ability to match other lights using the Cyan-Magenta controls. Each light can be powered directly by AC or by battery (NP-F and/or V-Mount variants depending on the light), making them suitable for use both in the studio and on site. Each light also includes a unique softbox with grids and a 1.5 and 2.5 stop diffuser, which the manufacturer claims can be constructed in seconds.

Nanlite claims that the new PavoSlim LED Panels have a CRI rating of 95 to 97 and can produce light up to three times brighter than comparable products in its class when tested at 5,600K at one meter, with the following results:

PavoSlim 60B: 8156 lux (757.7 fc)
PavoSlim 60C: 7074 lux (657.2 fc)
PavoSlim 120B: 17620 lux (1636.9 fc)
PavoSlim 120C: 12830 lux (1191.9 fc)

Users can connect wirelessly through a variety of options, including over Bluetooth using a free Nanlink app for iOS and Android, a handheld remote control, or a transmitter box, which is ideal when working with larger setups.

Each PavoSlim light includes multiple built-in special effects (12 for bi-color panels and 15 for RGBWW panels), and users can create custom effects and save them as presets using the Nanlink app.

The Nanlite PavoSlim LED Panels are now available for purchase. The Nanlite PavoSlim 60B 11 BiColor LED costs $399, the PavoSlim 60C 11 RGBWW LED costs $599, the PavoSLim 120B 21 BiColor LED costs $599, and the PavoSlim 120C 21 RGBWW LED costs $799.

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