Negative Supply Announces the Light Source Mini

The Light Source Mini, a follow-up to Negative Supply’s original 4×5 Light Source Basic, suitable for 35mm and 120 films and developed to emit more light, has been released. The Light Source Mini, according to the maker, is not only more powerful and creates four times as much light than the Light Source Basic, which has a 4,500 LUX rating, but also smaller and more portable. The Light Source Mini, according to Negative Supply, was designed for consumers who seek an extraordinarily strong light source that guarantees great color accuracy for the most widely used film types today. Negative Supply asserts that it is the brightest and most color-accurate light source available for film scanning in its pricing range.

“Our 4×5 Light Source Basic was an outstanding success and perfect entry point for users who needed a light to copy their film,” Negative Supply says.

“Fast forward a few years and after hearing feedback from users, our own internal testing and use and looking at the sales data we discovered that many people were using the the 4×5 Light Source Basic to scan their 35mm and 120 film. With this in mind, we knew we could create a unit that was smaller and less expensive but also more powerful. Our all-new Basic Light Source Mini was created for these users.”

It features a 97 CRI rating and a new design that allowed the company to achieve a host of benefits: it’s brighter, more compact, and less expensive.

“The Light Source Mini is the follow up to our 4×5 Light Source Basic and is launching as we celebrate our three-year anniversary of launching film scanning light sources,” the company says. “A ground-up redesign with more light output and dedicated to users who are scanning 35mm and 120 film, this light is designed to stand along our existing ‘pro’ and ‘basic’ light sources.”

The Light Source Mini illuminates an image area big enough for all formats up to 69 120/220 film and is backward compatible with all of the company’s accessories that work with the 45 Light Source Basic.

The Negative Supply Light Source Mini is available to pre-order now for $249.

More info on Negative Supply’s website.

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