Nikon Unveils Partnership with Nissin and Profoto

Nikon Australia has announced it’s planning to collaborate with Nissin and Profoto on future speedlight and studio lighting products in an effort to improve functionality and compatibility with Nikon’s ecosystem.

Nissin Japan Ltd. is a speedlight manufacturer with a history of over 60 years since its establishment in 1959. Profoto AB is the world’s leading manufacturer of light shaping products for professional photographers. To date, both companies have released a large number of speedlight products compatible with Nikon cameras. This collaboration with each brand will further enhance the compatibility of Nikon mirrorless cameras and Nissin Digital and Profoto products.

Alongside native Nikon speedlight products, increased compatibility with Nissin Digital and Profoto products will further increase reliable options for Nikon camera users, expanding possibilities for imaging expression.

More info on Nikon’s website.

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