OM System Unveils the TG-7 Rugged Camera

OM System has launched the TG-7, the latest addition to the tough OM System Tough series of compact digital cameras and the successor to the TG-6, which was discontinued last month. The OM System TG-7, like the TG-5 and TG-6, uses a 12-megapixel Type 1/2.33 inch image sensor and the same 25-100mm f/2-4.9 lens as before. The focal length is given in 35mm terminology; the actual focal length is 4.5-18mm.

Even though not every feature is new or better, it is still important to point out what makes the TG-7 a good choice for outdoor shooters who want a small, tough camera.

The TG-7’s durability hasn’t changed either, which is a good thing considering how robust the camera is by nature. The Tough TG-7 is dustproof, crushproof, and waterproof down to 15 meters, 2.1 meters of shock, 100 kilograms of force to crush it, and -10 degrees Celsius to freeze it. The camera is IPX8 water- and IP6X dust-resistant rated.

The optional PT-059 Underwater Housing can enhance the camera’s underwater performance even more. The TG-7 can be operated in depths of up to 45 meters when the housing is installed. Along with the camera’s auto, P/A, scene, and microscope shooting modes, the TG-7 also has a dedicated underwater shooting mode.

The TG-7 has a very short minimum focusing distance, which makes it possible to use the microscope mode. In its Microscope mode, the camera can focus as closely as 0.01m.

While the TG-7 is similar to the TG-6 in many aspects, the new OM System camera has several whole new functions. The TG-7 is capable of capturing vertical video as well as interval filming, which is useful for generating timelapse videos. Furthermore, the camera has a USB-C port, whereas the TG-6 has a USB-Micro port.

In terms of video, the TG-7 captures 4K/30p and Full HD video at up to 120 frames per second. Even quicker recording is possible at lesser resolutions, including 240 frames per second at regular HD and 480 frames per second at SD. The TG-7 has a variety of scene settings and, like many of OM’s Micro Four Thirds cameras, can shoot Live Composite. Photographers can use Live Composite to take shots of light trails and explosions. The mode only combines the brightest sections of multiple frames into a single composite, avoiding overexposed highlights. Along with Live Composite, the TG-7 has 22 scene modes in total, including portrait, nightscape, sport, landscape, sunset, backlight HDR, and others.

The TG-7 has an integrated GPS and records important data for outdoor enthusiasts, such as air temperature, water temperature, and height, as well as underwater depth by monitoring air pressure.

The OM System TG-7, like its predecessor, is compatible with a variety of alternative accessories, including underwater housing and unique lens attachments. Photographers can purchase conversion lenses for telephoto or fisheye photography. Users can also attach a ring lamp to the device to illuminate macro subjects.

The OM System Tough TG-7 will be available in black and red for $550 later this month.

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