Snap Filter Is the World’s First Magsafe Filter System

Snap Filter is an innovative iPhone filter device that uses Apple’s MagSafe technology to keep itself in place. This filter selection provides iPhone shooters with quick, easy, and interesting creative possibilities for cinematic shooting. The Pan’s Snap Filter System is a simple and elegant concept created by YouTuber Mediastorm and their company Pan’s Scheme. The device comprises two parts: a filter tray that magnetically hooks to the rear of the iPhone and filter sets that snap into place.

The numerous filters available, which are designed in-house, slide and snap into position over the camera array. This enables you to swiftly interchange between filters without having to screw and unscrew the filter each time.

According to Pan’s Scheme, it required 20 rounds of testing and five prototypes to achieve the desired design and optical attributes. Finally, the company developed five types of filters: Cross-star, Gold Streak, Blue Streak, Black Mist, and conventional ND filters.

The Cross-star filter adds a cross-style flare to light sources in the scene, and the Gold Streak and Blue Streak filters mimic the horizontal-style flares observed in anamorphic lenses. The Gold and Blue filters, as the names suggest, will tint the flares warmer or colder to match the aesthetic of the scene. To ensure that the flares remain horizontal when moving from horizontal to vertical photography, each set includes two distinct filters that may be swapped out as needed.

The Black Mist filter provides the soft effect we’ve come to expect from mist-style filters, whereas the ND filters lower the amount of light passing through the cameras, allowing for better shutter speed control in bright conditions and superior long exposure shooting. The four ND filters are available in two-, four-, six-, and eight-stop variants, allowing you to block as much or as little light as you need.

The Snap Filter will be available with filter bases for iPhone 12 and subsequent models, including Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 models, at launch. All tiers will include the filter base, associated filters, and a carrying case with specific slots to safely store all of your filters.

Pledges for the ND Snap Filter Bundle, which includes a Kickstarter Special Edition Filter Base and all four ND filters, begin at $99 USD (2, 4, 6 and 8 stops). Other filters can be added with different pledge levels, with the total All Snap Filter Bundle pledge being $136.

The first pledges will be shipped in December 2022.

More info on Kickstarter’s page.

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