Panasonic Announces that Demand for the Lumix GH6 is Higher than Anticipated

Panasonic’s new Lumix GH6 appears to be more popular than the company anticipated as today it announced that it may take some time for everyone who pre-ordered the camera to receive it. In a public notice on its website, Panasonic says that the camera, which is scheduled for release on March 25, has already received more pre-orders than the company expected.

“We have received reservations that greatly exceeded our expectations, so some customers who have already made reservations may not get the camera delivered on the day of the release,” Panasonic Japan writes.

“In addition, it may take some time for customers who make reservations in the future to receive the product after it is released. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to all concerned, including customers who are looking forward to the product. We will do our utmost to meet the expectations of our customers and deliver them as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding.”

Aside from the high demand, Panasonic could also be struggling with production due to the global chip shortage and logistic issues. This is of course a situation that is not unique to Panasonic. Nikon, Canon, and Sony have all had issues with keeping the supply of products up. Nikon is months behind on pre-orders for the Z9 and Canon is up to six months behind on delivering the R3. Sony has announced multiple delayed products including cameras and several lenses.

More info on Panasonic’s website.

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