New Panasonic Lumix G100D Camera Adds USB-C and EVF Upgrade

The Lumix entry-level stills and video area has received a small hardware update from Panasonic Japan, which includes the addition of a USB Type-C port and a modification to the camera’s electronic viewfinder.

However, the Lumix G100D will be made available in the United States at an unspecified period through a process known as a “running change,” which basically means that when the original G100’s inventory runs out, it will be replaced with the new G100D inventory, or whatever the ultimate product name is in a particular market. Due to its distinct hardware, the new model will require a special SKU in order to be readily recognized by customers.

Regarding the hardware modifications, the G100D has undergone two significant adjustments. The 2020 G100 boasts an LCD viewfinder with 1.2 million dots, or roughly 3.68 million equivalent dots, and a 0.73x magnification (equal to 35mm). The Lumix G100D has a revolutionary OLED panel instead of LCD technology. With a resolution of 2.36 million actual dots, the OLED EVF marginally boosts magnification to 0.74x.

This is likely a net improvement because OLED technology is widely regarded as being superior to LCD technology. Panasonic has not stated if the new display has a different refresh rate or is brighter.

Panasonic has decided to replace the USB 2.0 Micro-B port on the G100 with a USB-C Type 2.0 port. Because the port still adheres to USB 2.0 standards, the only major difference here should be with the port itself rather than its speed.

The Lumix DC-G100D model is currently on sale for $498, down from its MSRP of $748. However, Panasonic is unable to comment on whether the price of the camera will alter in the US. The camera comes with a G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH lens in a kit.

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