Pergear Unveils a 10mm f/8 Pancake Fish-Eye APS-C Lens

Pergear announces its latest lens, a wide-angle 10mm f/8 pancake-eye lens for Micro Four-Thirds, Nikon Z, Sony E, and Fuji X mounts that features an extremely compact “body cap” design.

The solid, all-metal anodized pancake fisheye lens is constructed of five elements in four groups, including three extra-low dispersion elements. Despite being incredibly small and lightweight, Pergear has managed to squeeze a manual focus lever into the frame of the lens, however, f/8 is the only aperture you have to work with.
Obviously, it is manual-focus only and can focus from as close as 30 centimeters to infinity with a 150-degree angle of view.

On Fujifilm X-mount, Sony E-mount, and Nikon Z-mount, the lens has a 15mm equivalent focal length; on Micro Four Thirds (MFT) camera systems, the lens has a 20mm equivalent focal length. This ultra-compact lens measures 55mm in diameter, 10mm thick, and weighs just 80g.

The Pergear 10mm f/8 pancake fisheye manual focus lens can be purchased for $79.

More info on Pergear’s website.

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