Pergear Releases New Lite/Pro/Ultra CFexpress Type-B Memory Card

Pergear has introduced a new line of CFexpress Type B cards that not only have fast read and write speeds and large capacities but are also much less expensive than the competition. Pergear’s new cards are divided into three categories: Lite, Pro, and Ultra. The Lite cards offer very low capacities and speeds in exchange for very low prices. In contrast, the Pro and Ultra cards increase performance and capacity at a greater cost, putting them in contention for the best CFexpress memory cards at certain budgets.

The 64GB Lite CFexpress Type-B media from Pergear is the company’s least expensive card and claims to have a maximum write speed of 90 MB/s and a maximum read speed of 300 MB/s. According to the manufacturer, it promises to sustain read speeds of 80 MB/s. However, Pergear’s 128GB Lite card improves on that by boasting a maximum read speed of 1,000 MB/s, and a maximum write speed of 250 MB/s, with a sustained write speed of 200 MB/s. This performance is almost the same as what is expected out of high-end SD cards.

The performance of Pergear’s Lite cards may not exceed expectations, but they are quite affordable. The 64GB Lite card costs $65, and the 128GB card costs $99.

The Pro cards’ performance and price both increase. Pergear’s 256GB CFexpress card, available at this level, ramps up to 1,200 MB/s read and 400 MB/s write rates with the promise of sustained write performance at 360 MB/s. The 512GB capacity card improves by maintaining the same read speed guarantees, but increasing peak write rates to 700 MB/s and sustained read speeds to 750 MB/s.

The greatest capacity cards from Pergear are also its best performers. The 1TB and 2TB CFexpress card options in the Ultra range guarantee the same read and write speeds. According to Pergear, the Ultra cards offer a maximum read speed of 1,600 MB/s and a write speed of 1,400 MB/s with the assurance of a sustained write performance of 1,300 MB/s.

Although the Ultra cards cost more, they are still far less than the industry standard. While the 2TB card is $599, the 1TB Ultra card is $399. For comparison, the least expensive 1TB CFexpress card from Exascend costs $459, while the Delkin and Angelbird cards cost $480 and $750, respectively.

More info on Pergear’s website.

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