Peter McKinnon Unveils the New PM Camera Tool

Professional photographer and Youtube creator Peter McKinnon has announced the release of his new PM Camera tool, a patent-pending pocket tool that comes with multiple drivers, a host of 1/4 inch hex bits, and even a secret slot for an extra SD card. Uninspired by the various camera tools he’s used over the year, McKinnon got to work developing his own. It’s taken nearly a year and a half, but it’s now complete and ready for purchase.

This is the second product from McKinnon, in fact, a few years ago, he introduced his first photography product through a partnership with Polar Pro, which was a Variable Neutral Density filter.

McKinnon says he spent the last 18 months designing and prototyping the PM Camera Tool chiefly because no other tool was able to meet his demands for usability. “I’ve never really been stoked with the camera tools inside my backpack,” says McKinnon in his announcement video. “No matter what kind of camera you have, or what sort of rigging or any job you’re doing, this tool will adapt to you.”

The PM Camera Tool stands at a preorder price of $95, and there’s no set shipping date as of this publication. The Peter McKinnon Camera Tool is currently listed as sold-out.

More info on Pete’s Pirate Life.

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