PGYTECH Introduces the CFexpress CreateMate Case

Pgytech has introduced a new edition of their CreateMate Memory Card Case, which combines memory card safety, organization, and file transfer, adding compatibility for CFexpress memory cards.

The CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case is available in CFexpress Type A and Type B variants and, like its SD-exclusive sister, supports SD memory cards.

To support the faster CFexpress cards it now supports, Pgytech upgraded its CreateMate Card Reader Case from USB 3.1 to USB 3.2, allowing transfer speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s via the built-in CFexpress card slot. SD cards are naturally slower, and transfers are still limited to a maximum of 312 MB/s due to the nature of SD card technology.

The card reader case cannot read from both card slots at once. If a user fills all the slots, the reader will prioritize the CFexpress card. After finishing the CFexpress card transfer, the reader will switch to the SD slot without requiring the user to remove a card.

The design is identical for both CFexpress Type A and B, with the exception of the different-sized card slot. Because CFexpress Type B cards are larger, this version has one fewer total memory cards than the Type A variant. The Type A model includes three CFexpress Type A cards, three SD cards, four microSD cards, two Nano SIM cards, and a card eject pin. The Type B model, on the other hand, can store two CFexpress Type B cards.

The CreateMate, which provides two-in-one data transmission and card protection features, must be strong, which it is. It includes built-in weather sealing, providing IP54 protection. Its core is a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy shell, which is encased in a thick silicone covering to protect it from shocks and drops. It includes a built-in clip, allowing photographers to simply connect it to their bag.

The Pgytech CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case comes in Type A/SD and Type B/SD models and costs $100. It is now available in two colorways: “classic black” and “moss green”.

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