Pixii Introduces the Max: a New M-Mount Full-Frame Digital Rangefinder

French startup Pixii has launched its latest innovation, the Pixii Max, a full-frame digital rangefinder camera featuring the classic M-mount. Designed to cater to modern photographers while retaining the traditional rangefinder experience, the Pixii Max aims to bridge the gap between legacy and contemporary photography practices.

The Pixii Max is built around a robust, machined aluminum body, ensuring durability and a premium feel. Its design emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, featuring only the essential controls to maintain a clean and intuitive user interface. The camera supports a range of Leica M-mount lenses, providing flexibility for photographers who prefer different focal lengths and optical qualities.

At the heart of the Pixii Max is a high-resolution full-frame sensor, capable of capturing stunning detail and dynamic range. This makes it an excellent choice for street photographers who need a reliable camera that performs well in various lighting conditions. The sensor’s performance is complemented by advanced image processing capabilities, delivering sharp, vibrant images straight out of the camera.

The Pixii Max stands out for its unique approach to the digital rangefinder concept. It forgoes a traditional rear LCD screen, encouraging photographers to engage more deeply with the viewfinder and their surroundings. Instead, images are reviewed and settings adjusted via a connected smartphone, promoting a seamless integration between the camera and mobile devices. This feature not only reduces the camera’s weight but also extends battery life, making it ideal for extended shooting sessions on the streets.

The camera includes modern connectivity options such as USB-C for fast data transfer and charging. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring easy pairing with smartphones and other devices for instant sharing and remote control. The internal storage options range from 8GB to 128GB, providing ample space for storing high-resolution images.

The Pixii Max is available in multiple color options, including space grey and black, catering to different aesthetic preferences. With a starting price that reflects its high-end features and build quality, the Pixii Max positions itself as a premium choice for photographers who value both form and function in their gear.

By introducing the Pixii Max, Pixii continues to innovate within the niche market of digital rangefinders, offering a compelling option for street photographers who appreciate the blend of classic design and modern technology.

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