Polar Pro Unveils the Defender Body Cap

The new Defender Body Cap from Polar Pro performs the same purpose as the conventional camera body cap that comes with all interchangeable lens cameras. The Defender, however, does more than just protect a camera’s sensor from dust and debris and keep the lens mount clean. It also offers storage for an AirTag or a memory card.

All four Defender mount models have CFexpress Type A and SD card insertion.
The Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Canon EF Defender models all include CFexpress Type A inserts, despite the fact that Z and EOS R system cameras use CFexpress Type B cards.

According to Polar Pro, given space limits and the higher size of CFexpress Type B cards, a viable card insert for the Defender was not achievable. Photographers will need to find another means to store their extra CFe B cards, possibly utilizing Polar Pro’s Slate II memory card case, which fits four CFexpress Type B cards and is available in the same hues as the Defender.

The Defender is built of 6061 aluminum and promises “superior camera body protection and an exceptionally rugged aesthetic,” according to Polar Pro.

The Polar Pro Defender is now available for $50, which is comparable to the AirCap and CosmoCap. Polar Pro’s new hat is available in black, forest, and desert colorways and is compatible with Sony E, Canon RF, Canon EF, and Nikon Z cameras. Each Defender Body Cap comes with the cap and three interchangeable inserts.

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