ProGrade Unveils New CFexpress 2.0 Type A Gold Series Memory Cards

ProGrade Digital Inc. has introduced new CFexpress 2.0 Type A Gold Series memory cards, which guarantee ideal capacity for RAW cinema-level video recording. The new CFexpress Type A Gold-class cards are available in 240GB and 480GB capacities and feature the same industry-leading quality as the ProGrade CFexpress 2.0 Type A Cobalt 160GB card, according to the card maker.

“The introduction of our new CFexpress Type A, Gold line of memory cards—with capacities of 240GB and 480GB—provides sweet-spot storage levels and pricing to meet the needs of a wide range of still and video shooters,” says Josh Brewer, Product Manager of ProGrade Digital. “This new range of cards for ProGrade combines the necessary VPG 200 levels of video performance with NAND technology optimized for great value and reliability.”

The Gold line has a VPG 200 rating and features an NVMe host interface with a PCIe Gen3 X1 link. The new Gold cards are completely compliant with the CFexpress 2.0 specification and promise maximum read speeds of 900 MB/s, burst write speeds of 800 MB/s, and sustained write speeds of 600 MB/s, which ProGrade claims are perfect for high-resolution cinema-grade video capture applications.

Granted, VPG 200 is not the fastest VPG certification offered by the CompactFlash Association (CFA); that honor goes to VPG 400. VPG 200 indicates that the new ProGrade Gold CFexpress Type A cards would never drop below 200 MB/s rates, which is still sufficient for contemporary video applications. It’s strange that the cards claim sustained write rates of 600 MB/s but aren’t VPG 400 approved. ProGrade specifies that, in accordance with the VPG 200 accreditation, the minimum continuous write speed is 200 MB/s.

Thermal throttling prevents the cards from overheating during prolonged usage, and laser-etched serial numbering ensures that all important components can be traced for quality control purposes. The cards are X-ray and shockproof, and come with a three-year warranty.

The price ranges from $260 for the 240GB version to $450 for the 480GB version.

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