Reto Production Releases a Kodak Multi-Purpose Camera Strap

Reto Production Ltd., the company that licenses the Kodak trademark and produces the well-liked Kodak Ektar H35N half-frame camera, has introduced the Kodak Multi-Purpose Camera Strap, which is intended for use with both large and small cameras and smartphones.

The Kodak Multi-Purpose Camera Strap displays the iconic Kodak logo and name, as well as a Quick-Detach technology that allows customers to swiftly shift between cameras or detach their equipment from the strap.

“No matter you are a photography lover who are looking for a camera strap; or you are searching for a perfect phone strap to keep your phone close to you at all times, we’ve got you covered!” Kodak/Reto Productions claims.

The camera strap has an O ring that allows you to easily switch between multiple wearing methods, such as putting it around your neck or as a cross-body sling strap.

The new camera strap has precision-milled metal connectors, an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, a detachable Velcro short strap, and the strap itself is made of UHMWPE rope, an extremely robust fiber material.

The camera strap is adjustable from 83 to 145 centimeters in length, which the manufacturer claims would accommodate most people regardless of height. The width of the strap is 2.5cm. The Kodak Multi-Purpose Camera Strap is rated to carry a maximum load of 40 kg, which is plenty for any realistic camera setup a photographer would want to transport.

The new strap comes in six different hues, “each designed to evoke a unique vibe.” The strap is available in black, olive, khaki, silver, burgundy, and purple hues, with the metal components black for the first three and light silver for the last three.

The Kodak Multi-Purpose Camera Strap is now available for $46. The strap, a strap adjuster, an O ring, a Quick-Detach snap lock, a phone hook adaptor, and a phone strap card are included.

More info on Reto Production’s website.

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