Reveni Labs Announces a New Modern and very Small Spotmeter

New products for analog photographers are popping up regularly to meet experienced and novice film photographers’ needs. Reveni Labs founder Matt Bechberger has followed his wildly successful tiny Hotshoe light meter with another miniaturization of a traditionally large, cumbersome film tool: the spot meter. The Reveni Labs Spot Meter compresses all the benefits of a traditional spot meter into a palm-sized device.

Vintage spot meters can be challenging to find, and new spot meters can be expensive. Reveni Labs hopes to ‘find the middle ground with its spot meter to provide a spot meter that meets the needs of modern film camera users, with a lower price point and relevant feature set.’ To Reveni Labs, there are three major issues with the currently-available spot meters: They’re large and heavy, they’re complex, and they are expensive.

This meter has no built-in optics and instead relies on your brain’s ability to combine what it sees out of one eye with what it sees out of your other. You use one eye to look into the Spot Meter and use your other eye to look at your subject. Your brain will seamlessly combine these two images into one overlay that will work just like a typical spot meter but without all the size and need for optics.

The Reveni Labs Spot Meter is also designed to be easy to use. It features four buttons and has multiple easy-to-access features and three metering modes ( Single, 2-spot average, and Precision Method). It has a shutter speed range of one hour to 1/8,000 second in one-stop increments and an aperture range of f/0.7 to f/1024, also in one-stop increments. Additionally, it has a film ISO range of ISO 1 to ISO 12,800, a full list of which is available to scan through on the device.

The Reveni Labs Spot Meter looks like an exciting product for film photographers. If you would like to back the project, you can do so for $180. The Reveni Labs Spot Meter comes with the meter, a neck lanyard, storage pouch and four LR44 batteries. Shipping is expected to commence in August.

More info on Kickstarter’s page.

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