Ricoh Unveils the GR IIIx Urban Limited-Edition

Ricoh has announced the Ricoh GR IIIx Urban Edition Special Limited Kit. In addition to a new paint job, the camera will also be getting new exposure and focus modes, both of which will make their way to the standard GR IIIx via firmware update when this special-edition kit gets released next month.

The RICOH GR IIIx Urban Edition camera body is accented by a navy-blue ring around the lens barrel. This color was selected to represent typical street shooter imagery such as deep blue skies reflected in a puddle following rainfall or the bright neon signs of a never-sleeping city. The camera body is finished in metallic gray, reminiscent of the gritty tones of the urban landscape. This unique exterior finish requires a multi-coat process, which results in the camera’s distinctive appearance and smooth texture. The coating also helps to make it easier for a photographer to get a firm grip on the camera.

The navy-blue stripe on the leather hand strap matches the color of the lens barrel ring, complementing the overall design of the camera. The package also includes a specially designed black metallic hot shoe cover.

This camera also debuts several new functions that will also be available for standard GR IIIx models with firmware updates that will be released along with the availability of this Limited Edition Kit. These are:

  • Snap Distance Priority mode, a new exposure setting: Once the preferred distance for snapshots and the desired depth of field (DOF) are set in advance, the camera lets the user quickly and easily recall these settings. This setting is programmed to select the aperture, providing the depth of field used in pan-focus photography, making it particularly handy for quick snapshot photography.
  • Auto Area AF (Center) focus mode: Instead of covering the entire image field, this mode operates only in nine focus zones around the center of the image field, preventing the camera from focusing on unintended elements, such as a grassy field in the foreground of an image.
  • Enable AF mode shutter-release capability: When the shutter-release button is pressed halfway down, the user can lock the AF system only, without locking the AE system.
  • Snapshot mode: A distance setting of 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) has been added to the Snapshot mode, and a long press on the monitor during playback allows the user to instantly recall the playback function selection menu.

The Ricoh GR IIIx Urban Edition Special Edition camera will be available in limited quantities starting in April 2022 for $1,099.95. A second special package – the RICOH GR IIIx Urban Edition body-only version (camera body only, without the genuine-leather hand strap and the metallic hot shoe cover) – is scheduled to be available in the summer of 2022.

More info on Ricoh’s website.

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