Samyang Unveils the 14mm and 24mm XEEN Meister Lenses

Samyang Optics has announced the addition of two new premium cinema prime lenses to its XEEN Meister line. The 14mm T2.4 and 24mm T1.3 cine lenses are high-speed full-frame lenses for PL, Canon EF, and Sony E mount cameras. Samyang launched their XEEN Cinema Prime lenses alongside the XEEN Classic range of lenses in 2015. XEEN has since grown to include the Meister lenses, the company’s premium offering.

“The Meister series stands out by combining competitive pricing with exceptional quality, rendering it an irresistible choice for professionals in the field, including filmmakers and cinematographers,” explains Samyang Optics. “Comprising a comprehensive array of five prime lenses, this lineup excels in optical performance, boasting remarkable high resolution and delivering images of pristine clarity and sharpness,” says Samyang.

The new 14mm and 24mm XEEN Meister lenses join the current 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm T1.3 cinema lenses. The addition of the new wider lenses considerably improves filmmakers’ creative options.

Samyang has engineered its XEEN Meister lenses to function well at 8K resolution, ensuring that the series will be future-proofed as filmmakers switch from 4K to 8K recording technology. The two new lenses include a 13-bladed aperture diaphragm and proprietary optical technology to control internal reflections while offering a distinct cinematic image.

Except for the 14mm lens, which has a 134mm front diameter, all XEEN Meister lenses have a standard 114mm front diameter and 300 degrees of rotation for perfect focus pulls. Every lens in the series has the same aperture and focus gear ring location. The focal length and aperture value indicators on the lens illuminate in the dark, making it easy to use in low-light situations.

Samyang has yet to release pricing information for any of its new XEEN Meister cinema lenses. The three existing XEEN Meister lenses, on the other hand, cost $8,495 each. It is realistic to expect the new XEEN Meister 14mm T2.4 and XEEN Meister 24mm T1.3 cinema lenses to cost $8,495 or something close.

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