Samyang Announces the Cine AF 100mm T/2.3 FE Lens

The Samyang V-AF 100mm T/2.3 Cine tele prime is the latest addition to the Korean manufacturer’s V-AF lineup. The new 100mm T/2.3 lens, like its sisters, is E-Mount. It shares identical physical characteristics, buttons, and switches, as well as the same distinctive front bayonet.

Samyang’s V-AF series is highly distinctive. The series contains elements and characteristics from both stills and cine lenses. A real hybrid. The stills “side” helped with compactness, autofocus, fly-by-wire manual focusing, and some focus breathing. The cine “side” introduced long-throw, linear manual focusing, a geared focus ring, visual consistency, and physical resemblance. Samyang added several extras, such as programmable buttons and a distinctive front mount.

Beginning with three famous primes, the series quickly expanded. The new Samyang Cine AF 100mm T2.3 FE lens joins four other T/1.9 lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 75mm. The sixth lens, a 20mm T/1.9, will be available in March 2024. All lenses are relatively comparable in size and weight, allowing for quick and easy changeover while working on a gimbal or rig. The new 100mm lens is somewhat longer, at 85.3mm, and weighs 272g, which is consistent with other V-AF lenses and on the lighter side overall. The lens also tolerates some aperture diameter variation due to severe physical limits.

The new 100mm T/2.3, like other V-AF lenses, features a 58mm front filter thread. Around it will be the front accessory mount. The majority of the barrel is taken up by a large focus ring, with a focus-stop button and an M1/M2 switch located behind it. The switch changes the focus ring’s function to control the aperture, and the focus button may also be configured as a “Focus Save” function, allowing you to save at a set distance and return to it with the press of a button. The extra Lens Station allows you to reconfigure both the button and the switch. The lens additionally has two tally lamps that emit green or red light depending on the recording status. One is on the left side of the lens mount, and one is on the front mount, facing the talent.

The lens is designed to be as light and small as possible, hence the majority of it is composed of plastic, with no claims of weather sealing.

The Samyang Cine AF 100mm T2.3 FE Lens is available for pre-order and costs $699.

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