SanDisk Announces the World’s Fastest High-Capacity UHS-I microSD Card

SanDisk has announced the release of a microSD card that it claims is the quickest high-capacity choice on the market. While the photography industry has mostly abandoned microSD cards, they are still widely used in smartphones, drones, and small cameras such as the GoPro Hero 12.

SanDisk has created what it claims is the world’s fastest 1.5TB high-capacity UHS-I microSD card for these applications.

According to the company, the new card can achieve read speeds of up to 150 MB/s. SanDisk does not specify how fast the card can write, but it does indicate that the 150 MB/s guarantee can only be met when linked with its MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD card reader.

The new cards are now available for $230 and with a 10-year limited warranty.

“We understand that peoples’ storage needs continuously evolve, from personal photos, videos, and files to professional content, which is what pushes us to redefine the limits of what’s possible,” Susan Park, Vice President, Consumer Solutions at Western Digital, says. “Our goal is to continue creating easy-to-use, trusted solutions that people rely on today and tomorrow, and we hope the solutions we are launching today inspire people to keep creating.”

SanDisk also unveiled a new Pro-Cinema brand CFexpress Type B card, in addition to the new microSD card. The startup claims cameras can capture 8K video without losing any frames and promises sustained write speeds of 1,400 MB/s. The new card is currently available for $400 in 320GB capacity and $700 in 640GB capacity.

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