Sandmarc Unveils a 6x Telephoto Lens for iPhone

Sandmarc, a photography accessory and equipment producer, has unveiled a new Telephoto 6x lens for iPhone, which, when compared to the iPhone’s original telephoto camera, offers crisper shots and better low light performance.

“Users will be amazed at the superior performance of their 48MP camera on the iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro or their main camera sensor on previous iPhone models, when paired with the Telephoto 6x Lens,” according to Sandmarc.

The 6x Telephoto lens features an adjustable focus wheel for manual focus control. The lens can focus from 4.9 meters to infinity and has a 17-degree field of vision.

The lens is compatible with all iPhone models if the Sandmarc cover is used. Each 6x telephoto lens comes with a cover for a specific iPhone model.

Given that the lens features a manual focus ring, Sandmarc advises customers to enable Macro Control before using it. Sandmarc suggests pairing the lens with an iPhone’s primary camera for best results. However, the lens is compatible with telephoto cameras, including the 3x and 5x zoom lenses used on the most recent iPhone 15 Pro models. Sandmarc suggests using a tripod when shooting with the 6x lens on a telephoto camera.

The Sandmarc 6x Telephoto lens comes with a case for a suitable iPhone model, which ranges from the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models to the iPhone 12 series of handsets. Each case and lens costs $160.

Users who already have a Sandmarc case for their phone can purchase the lens separately for $145. The new 6x Telephoto lens is expected to be available in mid-March.

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