SIGMA Releases New Ultra-Wide 17mm f/4 DG DN Full-Frame Lens

SIGMA announces a new prime lens in the Contemporary line, designed exclusively for mirrorless camera systems. The SIGMA 17mm F4 DG DN | Contemporary is a stylish “I Series” full-frame lens featuring all-metal barrels, offered in Sony E-Mount and Leica L-Mount.

The SIGMA 17mm F4 DG DN | Contemporary delivers supreme compactness in the widest “I series” lens to date. This super-compact, ultra wide-angle lens weighs just 225g (L-Mount), with a length of 48.8mm, and is designed specifically for full-frame mirrorless systems. It is an exceptional lens in terms of angle of view, optical performance, and build quality, with a design inspired by SIGMA CINE lenses. As an I series lens, it features a metal barrel with knurled focus ring, aperture ring and lens hood. Both metal magnetic and snap-on lens caps are provided.

By shortening the overall length of the lens and making changes to the focus configuration, the 17mm F4 DG DN | Contemporary lens is capable of focusing as close as 12cm with an impressive magnification ratio of 1:3.6, allowing for unique close-up photographs with expansive backgrounds, making it particularly appealing to vloggers, hikers, landscape photographers and more. A stepping motor offers swift, precise AF for both still and video applications.

The lens construction comprises two SLD glass elements and three aspherical lens elements. Aspherical lenses are used for both the front and rear optics. This not only keeps the size of the lens compact but also helps correct lens aberrations. As a result, the lens features a 55mm filter thread (smaller than comparable lenses of similar focal lengths), making it easy to change filters between SIGMA I series lenses that share the same filter size. Its construction also helps minimize flare and ghosting commonly found in ultra-wide-angle lenses, creating clear images in any environment. This lens has truly modern performance, thanks to the advanced processing and production technologies at SIGMA’s only production facility in Aizu.

A highlight of using the 17mm is the impressive minimum focusing distance of 12cm. Capture close-up macro-style images in remarkable detail with expansive backgrounds. It is also suitable for selfies and vlogging, where items must be shown at an arms reach. A quiet, high-speed stepping motor drives the AF delivering fast and accurate results in both stills and video.

The SIGMA I series features full-frame compatible lenses that offer new value to mirrorless systems. The combination of superb optical performance and compactness perfectly suited to smaller and lighter modern mirrorless cameras will bring you new opportunities for a perfect shot. SIGMA is aware that we have a wide range of camera choices in today’s world, especially with the increase in mobile phone ownership. But with many photographers looking for more than simply capturing images when they choose to own a camera and lens, I series lenses offer superb optical performance, outstanding usability, and a compact form factor. SIGMA’s excellence in development and production technologies has been built up since our founding in 1961 and became increasingly sophisticated with the introduction of the SIGMA Global Vision brand in 2012. With this as a base, SIGMA has carefully considered the quality of the products, the feeling of using it and the pleasure of owning it. This is how the I series was born.

All I series lenses have an all-metal construction. The precision-cut aluminum parts give the barrel a sleek, stylish finish and provide superb durability that improves the quality of the entire product. Metal materials are also used in internal structures that slide with the operation ring for added robustness. These high-precision components crafted with SIGMA’s cutting-edge metalworking technology are also used in SIGMA’s CINE LENS line-up for professional cinematographers and provide a tactile, ergonomic feel that make the lens a pleasure to use. What is more with the I series is that this high build quality is condensed into a palm-sized lens body. The SIGMA 17mm F4 DG DN | Contemporary is one of the smallest in the series. Combine with multiple I series lenses to create a remarkably compact shooting system that is lightweight and small in size.

The SIGMA 17mm F4 DG DN | Contemporary will be available through in late April 2023 for $599.

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