Silberra Unveils Three New Lines of 35mm and 120 Format Color Film

Silberra, a Russian-based company known for its line of 13 black-and-white films, has unveiled three new styles of color film for 35mm and 120 formats.
This new lineup includes a Color 160 C-41 Color Negative Film, a Color 50 C-41 Color Film Limited Edition, and a Color 100 C-41 Limited Edition style. The website describes the film as having “slightly different taste for everyone. Some photographers say that it reminds them Kodachrome colors, some would say that there are tints of another film. Actually, the film will certainly show you that it is different from anything you’ve seen, right from the first look upon the emulsion.”

According to the company, the film is made to provide natural color rendering with slight shifts to magenta due to the original formula of the emulsion which was used to create the final product. The tint seems to come and go with ISO, with the lower ISO showing less of a tint. Pushing or pulling the processing of the color films will not shift the colors significantly, but it will enhance or degrade the magenta tints. Shabanov has also stated that Silberra does not have access to the formula of the emulsion, so it was made to comply with described quality and properties.

It appears that Silberra does not plan to reveal who exactly is making this new lineup of color film and the product itself isn’t lending many clues either, as it is devoid of much packaging info and states only “Made in Russia” on the box. Regardless, the addition of new color film varieties is always welcome for photographers still shooting in the analog format which has rebounded in popularity over the last several years.

More info on Silberra’s website.

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