Sirui Announces the SVM145 and SVM165 Modular Rapid Monopods

SIRUI has recently released two new monopods, the SVM145 and SVM165, that have the same one-step height adjustment fast technology as their SVT75 tripods. The SVM145 can be fully extended/retracted with a single twist of a knob, while the SVM165 can reach 165cm.

The SIRUI SVT75 Rapid tripod, with its one-step height adjustment technology, was initially shown off in August 2023. This unique tripod has one lever on each leg that simultaneously releases and locks each tripod part. The Rapid function saves a lot of time on set because you don’t have to lock and release each leg segment separately.

SIRUI is taking things a step further, offering two monopods: the SVM145 and the SVM165, to continue developing their patent-rapid technology.

The SIRUI SVM145 and SVM165 are built of carbon fiber and weigh around 1.5 kg. Both variants have a maximum payload capacity of 10 kg. The SVM145 has a maximum height of 145cm, but the SVM165 can reach 165cm. The minimum height of the SVM145 is 75cm, whereas the SVM165 is 82cm.

The monopods’ height can be modified by turning a single knob at the top of the column. The monopod’s base has a bubble level and a 3/8″-16 screw for mounting a fluid head. The top component can be removed by pulling on the grey ring.

The monopod’s bottom features three tiny folding tripod legs and a ball head that allows you to tilt the center column in all directions up to 36°. Also, the same quick-release grey ring is located at the bottom, allowing you to completely remove the middle column. Then you can place the base on the little tripod and lower it to the ground.

Finally, if the SIRUI SVM145 or SVM165 height is too short for you, you can purchase the optional SVM-E extension tube, which increases the height by 30cm.

The SIRUI SVM145 retails for $249, while the SVM165 costs $299. The SVM-E extension rod costs an extra $29.90.

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