SLR Magic Unveils a 12mm T2.8 and 50mm T0.95 for FUJIFILM X-Mount

The lens manufacturer SLR Magic, based in Hong Kong, is known for creating affordable fast manual prime lenses and cine primes. The company has announced that two of their lenses – the CINE 12mm T2.8 and HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 – will be available for FUJIFILM X-Mount cameras as well.

“We are very aware of the growing popularity and the impact Fuji is making in the market space, so we want to make sure we look after Fuji shooters also”, says SLR Magic product specialist Andrew Chan.

All MicroPrimes lenses all feature full manual control, have an 82mm thread front, an 85mm front diameter for clamp-on matte box, are all 0.8 Mod geared, and are almost identical in form factor and weight.
SLR Magic have been synonymous with sharp images wide open with smooth roll-off, beautiful bokeh edge to edge, and are fast becoming the lens of choice rather than an alternative for the Cine and Photo industry.

SLR Magic CINE 12mm T2.8 for FUJIFILM X-Mount

This fully manual, ultra-wide-angle cine lens offers around 18mm full-frame equivalent focal length. The aperture ranges from T2.8 to T16 and has 7 rounded blades. Both, the clickless aperture and the focus ring have standard 0.8 MOD (32 pitch) geared rings. The lens produces an image circle of 32mm, so it only covers up to APS-C sensors.

The optical structure features 10 elements in 9 groups. The minimal focus distance is 0.15m and the focus scale is available in both meters and feet.
The length of the lens is around 70mm and it weighs around 450g (15.87oz).

SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 50mm T0.95 for FUJIFILM X-Mount

This ultra-fast 75mm full-frame equivalent HyperPrime manual lens offers an aperture from T0.95 to T16 with 12 rounded aperture blades.
Just like the CINE 12mm, the clickless aperture and the focus ring have standard 0.8 MOD (32 pitch) geared rings. Also, it is worth noting that this lens already exists in a Micro Four Thirds version. The minimum focus distance is 0.5m and the optical structure consists of 7 elements in 10 groups.

Same as with the CINE 12mm, the manual focus mechanism is external, so the lens extends during focusing. The 62mm front filter thread does not rotate while focusing. The length of this lens is around 81.7mm and it weighs around 665g (23.46oz).

The lenses will be available at authorized SLR Magic resellers by December 2020. No info about pricing yet, but for a reference, the Sony E-mount version of the SLR Magic CINE 12mm T2.8 currently retails for around $180 and the MFT version of the HyperPrime 50mm T0.95 retails for around $600.

More info on SLR Magic’s website.

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