SLR Magic Announces Four APO-MicroPrime Series Lenses for Canon EF Mount

You may be familiar with SLR Magic from their Cine Primes, anamorphic lenses, HyperPrimes, or MicroPrimes. Today SLR Magic has made their APO-MicroPrime lens family available in EF mount. Previously, the lenses were only available in Sony E-Mount, Fuji X-Mount & Micro Four Thirds.

The APO-MicroPrime lenses feature optical elements paired with a ‘unique optical design’ to correct longitudinal chromatic aberrations, according to SLR Magic. As a result, the company says bright and dark transitions in images are rendered without colorful artifacts, particularly when it comes to highlights.

The four new SLR Magic EF Mount APO-MicroPrime Lenses all have a max aperture of T2.1: the 25mm T2.1, 32mm T2.1, 50mm T2.1, and 85mm T2.1.
Since the lenses are for EF mount, they are a lot larger than the previous variations. With a large image circle up to 46mm, the lenses are compatible with full-frame sensors.

They all have an 85mm front diameter, an internal 82mm filter thread, and they also all weigh similarly so there is no need to recalibrate when you swap between them on a Steadicam or gimbal system. The lenses offer full-frame coverage and support camera resolutions up to 8K. Each lens will only weigh approximately 900g and has a 150-degree focus throw so you can still perform fine focus adjustments and yet execute focus pulls by hand. For matte boxes and filters, the lenses have an 85mm outer front but still utilizing the 82mm thread inside.

All four lenses will retail for $1,499 with planned availability starting in December 2019.

More info on SLR Magic’s website.

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