SmallRig Announces the FreeRover AP-100 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

The FreeRover AP-100 carbon fiber tripod kit has been announced by SmallRig. The lightweight and compact travel tripod, designed especially for photographers, has carbon fiber legs, an inverted ball head, a large load capacity, and a slew of cool quality-of-life features.

The SmallRig FreeRover AP-100 has a simple design and four-section carbon fiber legs. It also has a middle column for further height when needed. The central column, on the other hand, can be removed, allowing the tripod to be put up very low to the ground.

The working height is adjustable from 13 cm to 150 cm. Without the central column, the maximum height is 125 cm. The central column is secured with a simple flip-switch locking mechanism, allowing photographers to swiftly alter it.

The legs appear to be made of carbon fiber tubes. The walls of the tube are only 1.2 millimeters thick. Despite this, SmallRig claims that its tripod can support 15kg of gear. The included “inverted ballhead” has an 8kg payload rating.

The tripod promises a quick setup thanks to SmallRig’s “FreeSpeed” height adjustment mechanism. The legs are unlocked and locked with a twist mechanism, and the angle of each leg can be modified with levers near the tripod head. Angles of 23, 55, and 83 degrees are available.

Each leg collar has screw holes for accessory attachment, and each leg has a secret built-in metal spike behind the removable rubber feet. Another appealing design feature is the integrated wrench hidden in the quick-release hook at the bottom of the central column.

Any appealing portable tripod should have a small storage length. The tripod on the FreeRover AP-100 is 49cm long when collapsed. A lightweight design is also important, and the tripod fits the bill, weighing just under 1380 grams.

The SmallRig FreeRover AP-100 carbon fiber tripod is now available for $239, with delivery scheduled by the end of the year. Legs, ball head, phone clamp, allen wrench, and storage bag are all included with the tripod.

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