Sony Alpha 7 IV Firmware Update Brings Lossless RAW Support and Improved Eye AF

Sony has announced that its a7 IV camera will be receiving a significant firmware upgrade that will include a collection of new and improved capabilities. One of these improvements is the addition of new small and medium Lossless Compressed Raw image capture sizes.

Still image capture in Lossless Compressed Raw (cRAW) format is the most notable improvement made by firmware version 1.1 for the Sony a7 IV camera. This feature is available in two new sizes: small (8.2MP), and medium (16MP) (14.2MP). According to Sony, its cRAW files are approximately 60–70% smaller than an identical Uncompressed Raw image, while still preserving the majority of the features that Raw photographs have to offer.

A new Touch Shutter Function, improved Eye AF precision and shutter speed, ISO setting retention for flash photography, enhanced WiFi connectivity, the ability to add the camera’s serial number to video metadata, the addition of a one-minute Power Save setting, and a new setting that will adjust the brightness of the viewfinder display based on ambient brightness are among the additional features. To increase the a7 IV’s overall operational stability, several minor faults and problems have also been fixed.

More info on Sony’s website.

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