Sony Interview With Digital Photography Review at CP+ 2019

At the CP+ show in Yokohama Japan last month, DPReview make an interesting conversation with Sony’s Kenji Tanaka. They discussed various topics, including how the full-frame mirrorless market has evolved, and why he believes Sony will maintain its competitive edge.

Kenji Tanaka said that it is easy to add 4K/60p, 10-bit 4:2:2 to Sony a7S III, but he want to create something that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. And he also said that a7S like APS-C mirrorless camera is possible.

Here are some of the most interesting news:

Sony’s answer to low price competition (Canon RP): “Sony is a technology company that provides technology in which customers may find value. I want our technology to be the reason people are attracted to Sony, not the price.

Sony’s advantage over the competition: “Technology will lead customers into the future. That’s the kind of scenario we want to create. Last year we said that speed and AI would be our new technology drivers, and since then other mirrorless companies have tried to develop these technologies. It’s already happening.”

Computational photography: “For the [sake of] growth in the industry, we’re thinking about computational photography, and how to incorporate these technologies. I first encountered this kind of technology more than 20 years ago, and it’s created a new future for imaging […] the next step is we have to learn more things from computational photography.”

APS-C professional market: “Honestly speaking, for still photography, full-frame is [more appropriate] for professionals. But for video, APS-C is good for both amateur and professional customers, because it’s size is close to Super 35mm, [which is a] video Image sensor format.

Full Frame vs APS-C strategy: “Full-frame is the best platform to deliver our technologies. But of course these technologies need to cascade down for APS-C customers. So we will focus on both groups of customers, but [the] timing is a little different. First full-frame, then APS-C.

About possible APS-C “GM” branded Lenses: “Maybe not as ‘GM’, but high quality lenses are definitely an option [for development]”

APS-C typed Sony A7s is an option: “That is possible, I think. For example, looking at the US market, at the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, I think that’s a wonderful product for professionals. Not only for high-end amateurs. The sensor size of that camera is Micro Four Thirds, and [Sony’s] APS-C is bigger.

A7sIII basic expectations: “The basic expectation is for things like 4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2. I want to think in a different way and create something that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. It’s easy to add 4K/60, but beyond these specs, a lot of customers have other kinds of demands, and that’s what we’re researching.

You can read the full interview on DPReview’s website.

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