Sony Announces New Updates to Camera Remote SDK

Sony has released a new Camera Remote Software Development Kit (version 1.06). (SDK). The revised software development kit (SDK) now supports Cinema Line cameras, such as the FX6, FX3, and FX30. With the upgraded SDK, third-party companies developing custom applications for Sony cameras will benefit from improved capabilities.

The Camera Remote SDK’s new features are targeted at multi-camera production and inspection applications in version 1.06 of the software. Users may instantly link GPS data to still photographs thanks to a new Drone GPS sync, which makes it possible to send location information. To do this, the SDK sends an “ImageID” message.

Reset / Save Settings is one of the new operating menu options that Sony claims would improve operations, “especially when multiple takes are needed in a row.” About the FX6, new compatibility gives basic control using Content Mobile Browser, allowing for the simultaneous control of up to five units.

The capabilities of the Camera Remote SDK for third-party developers need to be understood in their broader context. The SDK enables users to remotely control Sony cameras from a computer, including live view monitoring, access to camera settings, and remote shutter release. Software developers can create apps suited to particular usage scenarios, such as numerous industrial and commercial operations, using the SDK. Applications for drones, speed cameras, and applications in the medical, educational, and industrial domains can all be developed using Sony technology, including the Cinema Line cameras.

Additionally, Sony provides a wealth of assistance to users of the Camera Remote SDK. Reach out to us to talk about how the SDK can benefit you and what products would work best for your needs. Early in 2020, Sony unveiled its first camera control SDK. Since then, Sony has worked to increase the number of cameras it supports and the range of operations the SDK can perform.

More info on Sony’s website.

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