Street Life: Group Exhibition at David Hill Gallery

“Street Life” is a collaborative group exhibition showcasing street and documentary photography, co-curated by Framelines and David Hill Gallery. This comprehensive showcase features the works of 18 photographers, all of whom have been featured or are soon to be featured in Framelines magazine. The participating artists come from diverse backgrounds, with some being award-winning individuals with notable books and exhibitions, while others are making their debut in the art scene. Street Life provides a captivating cross-section of photographic work within one of the medium’s consistently popular genres. Notable photographers featured in Street Life include Lisa Barlow, Mario Carnicelli, Aleesha Coker, Oscar Diaz, Billy Dinh, Josh Edgoose, Harold Feinstein, Larry Fink, Nico Froehlich, Greg Girard, Michelle Groskopf, Joshua K. Jackson, Baldwin Lee, Ioana Marinca, Marc Riboud, Richard Sandler, John Simmons, and Shane Taylor.

About Framelines

Established in 2020 by photographers Josh Edgoose and Shane Taylor, Framelines serves the global street and documentary photography community. Through its quarterly print magazine and online video content, Framelines showcases lesser-seen works from both emerging and established photographers, contributing to the vibrant dialogue within the field.

Cover picture by Joshua K. Jackson


Street Life: Group Exhibition – David Hill Gallery and Framelines
until 18 May 2024
David Hill Gallery – London – UK

More info:

© Aleesha Coker
© Baldwin Lee
© Billy Dinh
© Greg Girard
© Harold Feinstein
© Ioana Marinca
© Josh Edgoose
© Larry Fink
© Marc Riboud
© Mario Carnicelli
© Michelle Groskopf
© Nico Froehlich
© Oscar Diaz
© Shane Taylor

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