Techart Unveils the Second-Gen Leica M to Sony E-Mount AF Adapter

Techart has announced the details of its forthcoming LM-EA9, a second-generation M-mount to E-mount adapter after seven years of development with better performance, more powerful servo motors, and a compact design that still supports heavier lenses.

The Techart Pro Autofocus Adapter can leverage Sony’s phase detection autofocus, and the company says that it can give any M-mount manual focus lens autofocus capability. The adapter translates the camera’s autofocus commands to the focusing mechanism of the adapter, moving the bayonet back and forth to achieve focus.

The Techart Pro’s 4.5mm extension provides travel and usability thanks to the short flange distance of the Leica M-mount. The faster autofocus is largely due to its four radially positioned light servo motors, encased in a unibody machined metal housing that requires far fewer parts. It makes the adapter more compact than the previous model.

The overall weight of the adapter is 135 grams. The multi-axis support also promises faster focusing and support of heavier lenses up to 500 grams without wobbling and promises better motion efficiency. The adapter can also be easily updated with firmware through a built-in USB connection, which the company says can be down by connecting the adapter via a micro USB cable to a computer.

The Techart LM-EA9 is now available to purchase for $399, is expected to start shipping in late August, and comes with a one-year warranty.

More info on Techart’s website.

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