Teen Angel & Estevan Oriol: Dedicated to You

BEYOND THE STREETS is thrilled to present “Dedicated to You,” an exhibition featuring the legendary works of Estevan Oriol and Teen Angel.
This showcase highlights two iconic figures who have profoundly influenced and documented the essence of Chicano culture. This exhibition is a tribute to the rich heritage of this vibrant community. Estevan Oriol, since his rise in the early 1990s, has been renowned for his evocative portrayals of Los Angeles, capturing its essence with exceptional depth and authenticity. “Dedicated to You” will feature a curated selection of Oriol’s career-defining works, emphasizing the inspirations that shaped his distinctive style, including influences from Teen Angel’s Magazine, which was pivotal in Oriol’s early artistic vision. The exhibition is meticulously curated, showcasing Oriol’s extensive archive. Each selected piece exemplifies Oriol’s unique talent for uncovering beauty in often-overlooked environments, fostering a profound appreciation for Los Angeles’ rich history. The exhibition not only highlights Oriol’s photographic achievements but also celebrates Teen Angel’s impact on his work. Teen Angel’s Magazine was a cultural touchstone, uniting communities and forging lifelong connections, including the significant relationship between Oriol and David De Baca, Teen Angel’s close friend and estate director. Following Teen Angel’s passing in 2015, Oriol was asked to document Teen Angel’s studio, marking a poignant moment in his career. Estevan Oriol reflects, “This exhibition is more than a showcase of my work; it’s an homage to the city that raised me, the culture that shaped me, and the individuals who’ve walked this journey with me. It’s a moment to reflect on Los Angeles’ layers through my lens and the stories that have unfolded on its streets.” In parallel, the exhibition will spotlight Teen Angel’s Magazine, a groundbreaking publication from the 1980s to the early 2000s, which provided a platform for Chicano art, lowrider culture, and tattoo artistry. The show honors the late Teen Angel, the magazine’s founder, whose legacy continues to inspire Chicano art and culture. Teen Angel, originally a writer and artist for Lowrider Magazine in the late 1970s, ventured into publishing with Teen Angel’s Magazine in 1980. The publication, known for its edgy and whimsical style, featured artwork, dedications, photographs, poems, and articles that celebrated life in California and the Southwest’s barrios. Teen Angel’s work highlighted the beauty in places others saw as bleak, celebrating murals, unique dress styles, camaraderie, graffiti, lowriders, and Chicano tattoos. Teen Angel’s Magazine provided a voice for a generation, from incarcerated gangsters to young girls seeking love. As its popularity grew, Teen Angel expanded his publications, creating Teen Angel’s Tattoo Style and Teen Angel’s Tattoo Design, showcasing tattoo art and designs from his readers. Today, Chicano artists worldwide still draw inspiration from Teen Angel’s Magazine and its iconic floral borders. David De Baca, a close confidant and guardian of Teen Angel’s legacy, alongside culture historian and collector Bryan Ray Turcotte, play key roles in curating the exhibition with Roger Gastman. They present a collection of rare artifacts and original works from Teen Angel’s archive and Turcotte’s extensive collection. The exhibition includes an immersive installation recreating Teen Angel’s workspace, providing insight into his creative world and ensuring a comprehensive portrayal of his influential magazine.

David De Baca remarks, “Curating this exhibition is a personal endeavor, a tribute to my friend Teen Angel. Through these artifacts and stories, we’re not just preserving history; we’re breathing life into the art that shaped a generation. It’s a responsibility I hold with pride, ensuring Teen Angel’s influence continues to inspire.” The public opening reception for “Dedicated to You” will be on Saturday, June 29, 2024, with the exhibition running through September 15, 2024.

A portrait of David Holland aka Teen Angel
A portrait of Estevan Oriol by Devin Stinson

About the Authors

Estevan Oriol is an internationally acclaimed photographer, visual artist, director, and urban lifestyle entrepreneur. Beginning his career as a hip-hop club bouncer and tour manager for Cypress Hill and House of Pain, Oriol’s passion for photography developed on the road, inspired by his father, renowned photographer Eriberto Oriol. Estevan’s work juxtaposes the glamorous and gritty aspects of LA culture , capturing portraits of famous athletes, celebrities, and the urban lifestyle, including Latino and tattoo cultures. He has collaborated with major brands and artists throughout his career.
Dave Holland, known as Teen Angel, was an artist from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, who embraced Chicano, Lowrider, and Pachuco cultures. Moving to Southern California in the 1970s, he worked as an illustrator and writer for Lowrider Magazine before founding Teen Angel’s Magazine in 1980. The magazine spotlighted life in the barrios and featured contributions from incarcerated individuals. Teen Angel published over 200 issues anonymously and passed away in 2015, leaving a lasting legacy in Chicano art.


Teen Angel & Estevan Oriol: Dedicated to You
June 29, 2024 – September 15, 2024
Beyond The Streets Gallery – Los Angeles – USA


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