The Compact Flash Association Listed All VPG-Certified Memory Cards

The Compact Flash Association (CFA) released a list of all VPG certified memory cards, which guarantee that they will work with specific functions of all supported cameras, including Sony devices that require certification.

With their many speed promises, and other marketing, memory cards have always complicated. With the introduction of CFexpress, things became even more difficult with the addition of Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) certification and, later, actual requirements for it in specific cameras.

This is especially significant for Sony photographers, as some cameras require a specific firmware flag indicating that they have at least VPG200 certification in order to access the highest video recording levels. If that flag is not detected, the camera will “gray out” the option in the menu.

The CFA has revealed a complete list of manufacturers who have passed its stringent VPG testing, with only eight making the cut, some with as few as one card: Delkin, Exascend, Lexar, Nextorage, Phison, Prograde Digital, SanDisk, and Sony.

The list above only includes cards that have passed VPG certification as of February 2024. Expect this list to expand over time.

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