The Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 II Is the First Meyer Optik Görlitz Revised Lens to Hit the Market

The Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 II from Meyer Optik Gorlitz is an update to and centennial commemoration of a classic vintage optic and is available here for Sony E-mount cameras. Version II of this manual-focus telephoto prime utilizes a revised triplet optical design to produce a distinguished image quality with strong colors and central sharpness, along with improved contrast and higher resolution rendering.

“The Trioplan 100, worldwide known for its distinctive soap-bubble bokeh, offers photographers the opportunity to rediscover the artistic soul of photography in times of point-and-shoot, Instagram snapshots and pixel battles from major manufacturers.” says the company.

Based on the classic Triplet design and an aperture consisting of 15 steel blades, the Trioplan 100 f2.8 II produces the famous soap-bubble bokeh and a unique sharpness curve from the focused area to the background. The optimized construction now offers improved haptics, especially with regard to the aperture setting, as well as even better contrast and sharpness characteristics. The company’s own glass lens production and the production of high-precision mechanical components through German partner companies ensure the best possible quality. The resulting noiseless focusing is particularly popular with videographers.

In addition, the Trioplan 100 is manufactured for the most common mounts of modern cameras: Canon EF, Nikon F, Fuji X, Sony E, Pentax K, M42, Micro-Four-Thirds, Leica M and Leica L

  • Version II of this lens sees an improved optical design to achieve greater contrast and resolution, along with a redeveloped mechanical design with smoother operation and a more streamlined form factor.
  • Short-telephoto prime is designed for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras, however, can also be used on APS-C-format models where it will provide a 150mm equivalent focal length.
  • Using a traditional triplet optical design, this three-element, three-group lens produces a uniquely classic image quality coupled with a distinct “soap-bubble” bokeh quality.
  • Coated Schott glass is used for high clarity and contrast, as well as reduced lens flare and ghosting.
  • Manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 3.3′ away.
  • Fifteen diaphragm blades help produce an artistic and distinctly circular bokeh quality.
  • Front 52mm filter thread is consistent throughout the Meyer Optik Gorlitz version II lens series.

This lens is available from now at $999.
More info on Meyer Optik Görlitz website.

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