Tilta Introduces Illusion Filters

Tilta has released a series of new creative filters aimed at enhancing your ability to innovate. Black Mist, White Mist, Pearlaura Mist, Digital Diffusion, Digital Dynamic Diffusion, and Glimmer filters are part of the new Illusion filter series. All filters are available in three densities: 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8. The Tilta Mirage motorized matte box system will be compatible with all six.

The Illusion Filters are built to high standards. They are all 95mm glass filters with Nano-coating on both sides. They are Tilta Mirage system compatible, allowing for quick switching, lightweight and compact carry, and overall snappy workflow alongside the system’s motorized VND, Vaxis VFX filters, and more. This latest feature expands on the already amazing Mirage technology, making it even more adaptable to a wider range of productions.

The cost of each Illusion Filter is $55. This contains only the glass filter. The filter tray will set you back $39, and the regular matte box will set you back $119 (with a top flag).

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