TTArtisan Unveils a New 25mm f/2 Lens for Multiple APS-C Mounts

A new 25mm f/2 lens for various APS-C mounts from TTArtisan has been released for only $55. It is being made available for Sony E, Fujifilm X, EOS-M, Micro Four Thirds, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Leica L mounts, and the manufacturer claims that it is the greatest budget lens. They are also advertising a tremendous 95% off sale, which brings the lens price down to a very reasonable $55. TTArtisan claims this lens is worth $10,000 but is heavily discounted.

In any case, the manufacturer claims that it has a 37.5mm comparable focal length to full-frame, which is near to the human eye’s natural field of vision and can therefore accommodate shooting requirements for a range of objects. It has a 61-degree angle of view, to be more precise. According to TTArtisan, the compact design enhances portability and makes it practical for daily usage.

It is a manual focus lens with seven elements in five groups that has no electronic connection to any of the cameras for which it is intended to work. The lens weighs between 166 and 189 grams and has a 43mm front filter diameter.

The lens has a reasonably fast f/2 aperture that, according to TTArtisan, not only enables shooting in low light but also creates stunning bokeh in the out-of-focus regions. A seven-bladed diaphragm with an aperture range of f/2 through f/16 is used, and like the focus, it is entirely manual.

The 25mm f/2’s close focusing distance of 0.25 meters, according to TTArtisan, enables users to photograph items closer up to reveal more detail.

Even though the lens doesn’t perform exceptionally well, paying $55 for a small lens with an f/2 maximum aperture is still a great price. With a price of less than $60, it has a very low entrance barrier for beginning photographers interested in trying out a new lens.

More info on TTArtisan’s website.

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