Twenty14 presents Identity, a Social Inclusion Project

Social Inclusion Project

Authors, ages 11-16.

Art needs to be a tangible matter that leads to a message of possibility. It embodies human rights, social links, inclusion becoming a creative vehicle for emancipation. Only in this way it can rise new possibilities leading to social integration.

This project aims to to give young people living in the suburbs of Milan a chance to express their feelings through analog photography tearing down the existing barriers in the digital age.

IDENTITY aims to tear down the barriers that divides the well known art’s circuits from the surrounding areas of the city, creating a bond between different realities. We choose analog photography as a powerful communication tool.

We believe that every mistake could lead to a the triumph of artistic expression, to uniqueness and authorship.

Born from an idea of the photographer Mara Palena and curated by T14, IDENTITY’s first edition took place in the Barona neighborhood and then has expanded to the areas of Casoretto and Giambellino.

The project was realized thanks to the collaboration with the social cooperative Spazio Aperto Servizi and the sponsorship of Lomography, who supplied analog cameras and films.

All the pictures taken by the participants without any external influence, are edited by the kids themself in a collective body of work.

At the end of every cycle the work of the young authors is presented in an group show and collected in a Fanzine printed in a edition of 100 copies thanks to Fontegrafica.

A special thanks goes to Officinaotto who contributed actively to every printing process of images.

project launch

February 22nd, Twenty14 Contemporary Gallery.


Twenty14 Contemporary Gallery’s website.

Lomography’s website.

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